on Jun 01, 2016

The number of people who travel with their dogs is growing, and so too are the options for bringing your pets on the road. From "ruffing it" at campgrounds to enjoying fabulous four-star hotels with your pooches, the time has never been better to pack your pet and
take off.

Still, traveling with a dog is no picnic. Trips with dogs offer challenges, but nearly all are surmountable with common sense and creativity.

There are countless books covering travel with dogs, and some travel agents have perfected canine-centered vacations. People in the travel industry have learned that many people with dogs are exceptionally grateful for pleasant accommodations, and return to the places that treat them well, year after year. As a result, some entrepreneurs have gone to great lengths to attract dog-lovers: you can even find “canine camps” where people do nothing but hang out with their pet for a week or more at a time.

Is your pup ready to hit the road? As with all training, ending up with a good car-rider starts with outlining correct behavior when your dog is young.

Traveling with your dog in a crate is often easier and definitely safer than traveling without one. Depending on the size of your dog and the size and shape of your car, a crate may not be feasible. Collapsible crates are available for easy storage in the trunk
when not in use.

Another safety tool is a doggy seat belt. Some models attach to the seat belt and then to a harness you provide, while others come complete with built-in harness.

If your dog’s only exposure to travel is an occasional trip to the vet, don't be surprised if he starts off hating car trips. Try to build up his enthusiasm by increasing his time in the car and praising him for his good behavior.

Because most of the car-sickness problems come from fear, not motion sickness, building up your pet's tolerance for riding in a car is a better long-term cure than anything you could give him.

With a few short practice trips and some training, you'll be on the road in no time.


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