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Wildly Different

We are committed to fostering a free-range culture of innovation & high-quality nutrition. It is our mission to produce products that are nutritionally superior while being innovative and professional in our approach to interacting with our customers albeit a distributor, retailer or consumer. We strive to be open and honest in communication with our customers. We’re human and sure, we may make a few mistakes along the way but we’re not going to try to hide it or sweep it under the rug or distract you with shiny things. We’re gonna come right out and talk to you, tell you what happened, why it happened and how we’re gonna fix it.


The Family Plan

We’re a family company. The father, the mother, two grown boys and a daughter. That’s us. That’s who we are, plain and simple. We don’t have any board members to please. No stock market to worry about. We do what we want, the way we want. And what we want is to make the best darn pet food we can. We want to make it right here in the good ol’ US of A, and we don’t want China to touch any part of it. Nothing against China, we just like our country better. Because we’re a family company, we decided to spend a little more on our recipe to make it better than most. All in favor? “Aye.” “Aye.” “Aye. “Aye”. “Aye”. The motion is carried.


Personal is Powerful

In a nutshell, we believe that personal is powerful. Many companies – especially the really big ones – struggle to seem human. We want to be human and personal. You can just talk to us, anytime, anywhere. We’re not opposed to doing favors for our friends, either. Guess the reason is pretty simple. You’re more than a customer or a distributor or a retailer. You’re a neighbor and neighbors help neighbors. Or at least, they used to.

Remarkable Story

A lot of people have told us how much they like our package designs. Not just customers, but distributors, retailers and store employees, too. Well, we’re glad. We worked hard at creating what we think is the most artistic package out there. A friend of ours did the art for the packaging. He’s a terrific artist and only lives a couple miles from us. Anyway, the package designs really seem to make people feel good.


Real Good Food

The last (but not least) reason is obvious. We make a heck of a good product. That’s why you buy it, right? Not because of the packaging, which we know is real pretty. But because of the meat-rich diet, the fruits, the Omega 3 & 6 and the fact that we’re 100% grain-free. A convergence of dietary science and abundant food found in the wild is what makes Wild Calling unique. We call it the Art of Nutrition.



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