Dirty Dogs has the perfect formula to make your organization's fundraiser a guaranteed success. Here's how:

Throw a dog wash fundraiser at Dirty Dogs self-serve dog wash. Bring your team, group or non-profit to our award-winning facilities and host a pet-friendly event that will have your friends and family barking for more!

Dirty Dogs provides...

  • Tubs, shampoos, towels, brushes, dryers and all the bathing supplies your group needs to wash dogs comfortably and effectively.
  • Instruction from our certified bathers on how to wash dogs and best practices for large and small breeds.
  • Promotional flyer design so you are able to spread the word about your event. Successful groups send out announcements online as well as print and distribute flyers throughout their networks and communities.

Here's what we need from you...

  • Promote the event ahead of time. Using the flyer we create, you print and distribute it to your friends, families and anyone with a dog, making sure they know the date, time and location of the fundraising event.
  • Your team of 10-plus volunteers. On the day of the event, your group shows up with a minimum of 10 people ready to roll up their sleeves and wash dogs.

Ideas to help boost your fundraiser's success:

  • Invite another organization to partner with you. Double the people means double the fundraising.
  • Include a local band or other performing group. Add a reason for people to spend time at your event and engage other dog owners.
  • Create a contest or raffle. Add another fundraising opportunity to your event.

But how much money can you raise washing dogs?

You get what you put into it. We've worked with groups who have promoted their events and pre-sold washes to help accomplish their goals in just a few hours. Most organizations set the wash price at $20/dog and raise 40% to 50% of the total proceeds depending on how many dogs they wash. Contact our team so we can help set a goal for your event.

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