Grooming University - Best Dog Grooming Centre in San Diego, CA

If you are passionate about pets and animals in general, you are someone who uses your mental and physical adaptability to succeed in a dynamic in a challenging workflow/career, becoming a professional pet groomer may be the right profession for you! 

The curriculum is clear, combined with hands on learning in a small class size creates a setting for achieving your goal of becoming a Pet Stylist.

Professional Pet Stylist enjoy using the knowledge of breed specific trims and combining their own creative ambitions to fashion looks for client’s pets. Pet Stylist find their work professionally and financially rewarding. A career in the grooming industry has many variations on how you may choose to use your new skills. You may choose to work for an established business, a veterinarian office or establish and begin your very own private pet salon. 

Choosing the right grooming school for you will be extremely important, as it will be this choice that builds the foundation of your new career. Dirty Dogs Grooming University has developed a four-part process in the training of our students.

Professional Bather Certificate Program: 

The Professional Bathing Course will cover:

120 hours of classroom study and hands on training

  • Safe Handling of Pets
  • Personal Safety in the Salon
  • Check in and Check out Process 
  • Steps to Bathing a Dog
  • How to use the Dryer
  • Coat Types
  • Nail trimming and grinding
  • Anal Gland Safety Cleansing
  • Ear safety and Cleansing
  • Teeth Brushing
  • What is Brush Burn and How to avoid it?
  • Basic Coat Function
  • Determining the Condition of the Coat
  • Curly Coats
  • Canine Skin Anatomy 
  • Gently Removing Ear Hair
  • Fluff Drying
  • Introduction to Clippers
  • Shaving Paw Pads
  • Shaving Sanitary
  • Effective Communication
  • Advanced Dematting
  • Senior Pets
  • Hands on Practice
  • Puppies
  • Pet Nutrition Discussion
  • Time Management

Professional Pet Bather Mentorship:

The mentorship require that you complete a total of 10 dogs from 5 groups with a mentor.
When the mentorship is completed and all criteria has been met you will receive a Professional Pet Bather Certificate.

40 hours or 10 coat specific breed baths completed, mentorship will not exceed 40 hours.

What’s included in the course:

  • 1 Large Greyhound Comb
  • 1 Coat Rakke
  • 1 Large Slicker Brush
  • 1 Small Slicker Brush
  • 1 Large Nail Trimmer
  • 1 Small Nail Trimmer
  • 1 Mini Comb

Professional Pet Stylist:

The pet stylist program uses lectures, discussions, floating lessons and games on a variation of topics that are necessary to work as a professional pet stylist. Listed here is the order you will follow for learning the basic breed trims. 

120 Hours of classroom study and hands on training

Week one: orientation, steps to grooming a dog and contour trims

Week two: sporting breeds

Week three: Terriers

Week four: Curly coats

What’s included in the course: 
The course includes DDGU Professional Pet Styling Guide, 
All Breed Grooming Instruction Guide, 
Pet CPR Training (online course)

Professional Pet Stylist Mentorship:

Dirty Dogs Grooming School offer’s internship opportunities at various locations or you may seek an internship at a reputable pet salon, which means that you will get on-site hands-on experience. You will also have the chance to face the different challenges of working as a professional pet stylist, as well as the opportunity to relate with customers and practice all the essential grooming coursework that you have studied in class.

Students complete a 50-dog folio that has before and after pictures, the mentorship is 6 weeks’ maximum.