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Kathleen Sepulveda // Instructor
Kathleen Sepulveda // Instructor`

Kathleen Sepulveda has Joined Dirty Dogs and Grooming is her passion.

She has been involved in the grooming industry over 40 years beginning as an award winning groomer, top show dog handler successful Salon owner. Teaching has always been a passion and Kathleen has taught groomers worldwide for many years. Some competitive groomers have furthered their craft under her teaching. As a past Director of Education for Grooming Academies she was responsible for creating curriculum, teaching students and evaluating staff. She developed  six basic bathing and grooming course as well as specialty and advanced classes such as Creative, Handstripping and Drop Coats, to name a few, all highly acclaimed. Students from across the USA and other countries attended her specialty classes.
Kathleen is a resident Grooming Expert for Dr's Foster and Smith. Kathleen is grooming contest judge and demonstrator at Groom Expos Nation wide. Contributing to publications worldwide, last July was awarded the cover of Groomer 2 Groomer on the Splash Technique, for Grooming as well as Show Dog conditioning..2017 Kathleen has been honored to coach the Mexico Groom Team for the World Grooming Championships.You might have seen Kathleen on several Animal Planet shows or overseas media as an expert groomer or judge. 

Kathleen is a current Board Member of the Creative Grooming Association. The CGA consists of some of the most decorated Creative Groomers worldwide and focuses on educating groomers on the Creative process.

You might have caught Kathleen judging on Animal Planet's Extreme Pets, Extreme Grooming or with her beloved Japanese Chin on Dogs 101 where she took Creative Grooming to raise funds for Japanese Chin Rescue.

Kathleen Started showing Irish Setters in the 70's and now her focus is solely on the Japanese Chin breed under the KaLor kennel name.

Kathleen is a past Vice President of the Japanese Chin Club of America and board member. She has Won National Specialties and National Sweepstakes, handled some of the breeds top dogs and has wins at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club.

Kathleen is now setting her sights on judging and has been nominated by the National Club Membership to judges their 2014 National Sweepstakes.. Her success gained her a spot on Animal Planet's Dogs 101 Japanese Chin, Extreme Grooming. 
Kathleen's dream is to teach and guide future groomers as well as the seasoned professional to become the best they can be.